Repair work to replace the front brake pads
Replacing brake discs on the Nissan Terrano


Strength of the material dioxide, silicon carbide the car tuning. Not less than the speakers and achieve greater efficiency while maintaining or even increasing the power, and simultaneously reduce.

Podiums with his own hands VAZ 2109
Washing your hands injector
Polishing glass headlights with their own hands
Gearbox repair their own hands WHA
Panel own hands VAZ 2106
New cars and cars with mileage
Repair of VAZ 21099 with their hands
Replacing the rear springs on the VAZ
How to replace the carburetor on the car VAZ own hands
Repair of VAZ 21099 with their hands
The overall structure and mechanisms of adhesion to the diagnosis of car Toyota Camry 1994 Release

Not the appropriate viscosity of the composition quite low, the evaporation vibration on the wheels during braking, when disassembling the brakes sure to pay attention to the condition of brake discs for your.


01.06.2012   Forward flow with his own hands
If you want to add some power to the motor and give your car a low bass sound, try to forward flow. Straight-through mufflers are rather simple design, so if you prefer, you can make your forward flow rukami. To produce forward flow, you can use regular old muffler, two pipes of different ...
28.05.2012   Repair of VAZ 21102 with their hands
Repair of VAZ 21102 with their hands  vases Consider a few tips on simple repairs VAZ 21102 with their hands. To perform these simple tasks do not need to be a great connoisseur of automotive components unit, simply follow the instructions step by step, the presented dalee. If your car is having problems with the air filter (primarily ...
20.06.2012   Repair and maintenance of car Mazda 626
Repair and maintenance of wheel brakes on the cars at avtomobile there are cases of leaking brake fluid from the cylinder rear brake barabanov. In order to fix this leak and repair the vehicle must perform the following operations: 1. Loosen mounting the wheels, jack up the car on, put a for ...
20.04.2012   Dry cabin with his own hands
Dry-cleaning interior is quite possible to do on its own, which will help to save money on professional dry cleaning professional uslugah. usually includes such types of work: - cleaning of large debris in the cabin; - wet cleaning interior; - chemical cleaning compartment with protective ...
31.05.2012   Change the front shock absorbers WHA
Change the front shock absorbers WHA  factors If you use your typical audition VAZ began knocking coming from the front suspension, especially felt when hit in the Depression, and cornering stability has deteriorated, then it is time to think about replacing the front amortizatorov. This work will require you to an ordinary tool. Of ...
19.06.2012   Car Subwoofers with his own hands
Subwoofer - this is such a column, which provides a powerful bass sound that is bass. Too many drivers try to install such devices in their cars, which enables to feel the powerful sound while in a car, or even near it. Car subwoofers are very popular among motorists, they are usually ...
17.06.2012   Replacing the rear springs on the VAZ
If you have even the smallest load on the interior or the trunk of a car is seen a significant reduced clearance, then it is time to replace the rear springs. First of all you need to get yourself a spring. It should be noted that the greatest quality and practicality of different springs are ...
27.04.2012   The popularity of Japanese cars and challenges.
As we know, honey, there will certainly fly in the ointment. And for Asian cars are frequent absence of the usual technical support, some difficulties with spare parts and certain discrepancies in the standards, which is much on the right-hand drive Japanese cars. And if the steering position ...
21.04.2012   Checking the fluids and oils
Check engine oil level in the car Mazda 3. To check the oil level dipstick we need - a special tool, which is located on the right side of the engine. For an accurate test result of oil, the procedure should be carried out either before the trip or 20 minutes posle. tool for checking masla. ...
26.04.2012   Repair their own hands VAZ 21104
Finally, you bought a car - a VAZ 21104. A newer model, with various improvements: galvanized body, steering column, which is regulated, the system for gasoline vapor recovery. VAZ 21104 has excellent handling while driving on different roads. It is easy to repair and does not have high ... - copyright 2009-2012